Know How


All the molds we use come from a design and construction process that uses the most advanced technical concepts:

  • inserts made of hardened and tempered steel;
  • self-centering system for each single cavity, aimed at obtaining perfect reproducibility of the dimensions for the entire life of the mold and keeping under control the thicknesses of the burrs at the closing points;
  • chrome plating or thick PVD, used to minimise wear at critical points.


Our machine park consists of:


Equipped to handle up to 4 plates.


Presses for mass production are equipped with automatic extraction systems that allow us to always achieve high levels of productivity, minimising process waste.


KSA’s finishing department includes cryogenic units, mechanical deburring systems and post-curing ovens. Deburring operations have the goal to separate finished parts from the scrap, without affecting the quality of the surface.

The ability to manage a proven internal production cycle enables us to be highly competitive and to guarantee:

  • Flexibility of delivery times
  • Constant monitoring of every single production step
  • High quality products

Final inspection and testing

We carefully monitor all steps of the production and finishing process, from the delivery of raw materials, to 100% visual inspections of output (manual and/or automatic), through professional packaging and preparation of trackable shipments to the customer.


Our laboratories are equipped for:

  • carrying out dimensional and physical-mechanical controls on finished parts
  • issuing test reports with statistical analysis of the obtained values
  • carrying out specific functioning tests on finished parts
  • performing particular fluid compatibility checks


We have machines for the production of mechanical processing products.

This kind of process is carried out in very short time, mainly 2/3 days, on all sealing designs regardless from the compound and it is mainly used to produce prototypes before moving to the production series.