Fields of applications


Seals and expansion plugs for valves, distributors, cylinders, gear boxes, engines, control units, piston and gear pumps, axles, shafts, transmissions, etc.

Hydraulics is the reference sector for our entire product range. We are in fact preferred supplier for the major Italian and European manufacturers.


Seals for solenoid valves, fittings, cylinders, air treatment components, etc.


Seals and components molded according to customer drawings for fuel / air / methane and LPG supply system, engine, transmission, etc.

Oil & Gas

Seals for hydraulic actuators

Textile Machinery

Components according to customer drawings molded and overmolded on metal insert for yarn junction devices

Domestic Appliance

Molded components according to customer drawings for solenoid valves, regulators, pumps, dishwasher and washing machine motors, heating, cooking, water treatment, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Mechanical Seals for Water Pumps and Submersible Motors

Membrane bellows and sealing caps. Customer-designed gaskets for mechanical seals represent a significant percentage of our production of molded components.

High Pressure Pumps

Seals for pistols, lances and washing accessories